• "As a Christian I had reached a point in my life where all my best efforts, all my desire to love like Christ, had brought me to a place of immense difficulty and pain. I had tried the biblical remedies of more love, more patience and yet I knew I wasn’t living a life that was a glory to God. I prayed and sought out a Christian counselor. Carol came highly recommended. I appreciated her approach that change was practical and possible.

    I was willing to do the work and I set the goal - to live my best life in my present circumstances.Carol quickly could see patterns in my thinking and behavior that I didn’t know were there. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

    Through weekly homework, books to read, activities to apply myself to, I learned and grew and came to understand basics of healthy emotional behavior that I had never seen modelled and had never practiced. Carol led me to books written by Christian authors that led me deeper into Christ, not into worldly ideas."
  • "Carol modelled love and compassion and a prayerful attitude. She had techniques to use to help me through my most difficult places. She provided me with the tools I need to go forward; to see myself, my true responses and make healthy choices.

    I know God worked through her to heal me.

    I would recommend Carol to anyone, especially any Christian, who is in emotional pain and desires to live their best life."
    J.B.- Morgan Hill,CA
  • "My fiancé and I reached out to Carol the beginning of this year and ever since meeting her our lives have changed so much. We came to her with a loaded basket of infidelities, mistrust, anger and lack of communication and now continue to work with our her on our extended family dynamics and ways to navigate our internal struggles. She has been so keen in understanding what is really going on below the surface so helpful by giving us with ways to keep working on our issues away from the office. With COVID restrictions she has made herself available by phone, video and text conversations and we don't feel alone in resources that she provides after each appointment. Not enough can be said about how emotionally attuned, up-to-date on resources and down to earth she is."
    Niria C., San Jose, CA
  • "I can't say enough about Carol. I started seeing her with my husband about a year ago and she has made such an impact on our lives individually as well as on our life together. She is able to see both sides and help us to find middle ground.

    My husband and I have been very happy with Carol's ability to quickly and intuitively understand our issues. A lot of counselors/coaches help you get through specific issues but don't necessarily help you understand how you arrived there.

    Carol has helped us both see that the core of our issues stems from long before we even knew one another. She has shown us that in order to move forward together we have to deal with how we came to be the way we are.

    I have seen counselors/coaches throughout my life and I can honestly say Carol has been one of the best. I'm so grateful we found her and can't thank her enough for helping make my relationship with myself and with my husband stronger and much more enjoyable!"
    Rebecca F.- Ben Lomond, CA
  • "I'm not the type of person that would seek out counseling or a life coach on my own. I first started seeing Carol at my wife's request.

    I used to have the opinion one needed to have a serious problem or issues to go to a counselor. I now have changed my believe that a person is not reaching their full potential personally and professionally without seeing someone like Carol.

    Carol is very understanding, not judgmental and has an uncanny ability to understand an issue to its core even with limited information. Carol continues to positively surprise me in truly understanding my wife and I and our different perspectives.

    Carol is extremely dedicated and i have noticed it isn't uncommon for Carol to continue working with us past our time because it is important to finish an issue we were working on."
  • "I can honestly say there have been noticeable gains in my happiness and joy and more and more positive growth in me and my wife's relationship from seeing Carol. I now have whole new perspectives on issues and feel like positive pieces of me have been unlocked that i didn't even know i had!

    I'm forever grateful for being able to work with Carol and i truly believe it's not everyday you find an opportunity like this to have someone as good as Carol ready to help you.."
    T. F. - San Jose, CA
  • "I was at a point in my life that was totally out of control. A friend recommended Carol to me, and I must admit, I was totally skeptical of a "Life Coach." However, my friend convinced me, and I made an appointment. That was over two months ago. I regularly see Carol. What a difference she has made in my life. It isn't where I want it to be yet, but WE have started the process to getting back on track with improvements to boot."
  • "Carol is definitely not a clock watcher. She has not charged more, if we go past the hour session time. I was going to say limit, but the sessions end when there is the right break or ending. Her style is awesome. Not only are the sessions relaxing, but she clearly does not judge you for your imperfections. She is direct with her answers, but shares how she came about the answers. She is sensitive and compassionate, but will tell you the truth, even if that is not what you want to hear.

    Carol definitely goes beyond. Even after a session, she will send you literature from several different sources, online tests, links to videos, and if you ask religious support. I have found these different techniques to be extremely beneficial. These extra sources of information help the clients who are audio and visual learners, and helps to reiterate what is covered during the sessions.

    If you are looking for help, you would benefit from the services that Carol provides."
    E. O.- Atherton, CA
  • "Carol has been my coach off and on for a year or so. I never thought about talking to a professional about the things going on in my life because I really never believed it would help, but Carol was referred to me multiple times with high praises. Carol has a gift for helping you sort through issues and challenges to get to the root of where it all started, giving you a greater understanding of why you do the things you do in life. She doesn't mince words and gives you a very straightforward approach to tackling issues you are dealing with. That is what has helped me the most. It has been helpful in my personal life and in my relationship. My girlfriend (now wife) and I were able to learn a lot more about each other and how to work through conflict. We owe a lot to Carol for helping us get past some trials that may have ended our relationship if we had dealt with them the wrong way."
  • "For first responders, Carol has real insight into our careers and the stresses we deal with. She knows what she's doing and can help with managing the baggage that all of us bring home from work. Several of my coworkers have also gone to see Carol and have had great experiences with her."
    Tedashi A.- Gilroy, CA

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